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When selling, why should I accept InvisiPay?

Like accepting cash, InvisiPay guarantees your payment and protects your identity and account information. It also:

  • Makes more buyers available to you (gives buyer ability to finance purchase and immediate access to funds - no running to the bank or ATM)
  • Saves you a trip to the bank to deposit your sale proceeds
  • Eliminates concerns about carrying large sums of cash

When buying, why should I use InvisiPay?

  • InvisiPay is convenient and protects your identity and account information
  • Saves you a trip to the bank or ATM to get cash
  • Gives you the ability to finance a purchase with your credit card
  • Eliminates concerns about carrying large sums of cash
  • Free to use when buying.

Why is InvisiPay safe and how does it protect my identity and account information?

InvisiPay was created to be the safest payment system. Period. The primary way we protect you is by not revealing one shred of information about you or your accounts to anyone with whom you buy and sell - not even your email or phone #. Any static information (like a credit card # or email) can leave a trail which criminals may follow and use repeatedly. With InvisiPay the only information you share is an InvisiCode. InvisiCodes are not static; they may only be used once and will expire if they are not used within a specified period. We take it a step further - the InvisiCode may only accept payment (rather than send payment.) If it's lost or stolen, the only thing a criminal may do with it is send you money - how's that for turning the tables on a thief?

Why would I use InvisiPay instead of paying directly with my bank account, debit card or credit card?

InvisiPay protects your sensitive information while allowing you to pay from your bank account, debit card or credit card. And - you don't have to hassle with hardware attachments!

Why would I use InvisiPay instead of another payment system?

The best way to protect your identity and accounts is to never give them to anyone (or minimize how often you do). InvisiPay never reveals information about you when you buy and sell (unless we are required by law or to investigate fraud). Other systems which claim to protect your accounts may reveal your email or phone number to the other party - did you know these can be used to steal your identity or accounts? InvisiPay also guarantees your payment when you sell, giving you peace of mind.

What if someone makes a fraudulent purchase with my account?

InvisiPay has so many layers of protection that it is highly unlikely someone can use your account without you giving them the information necessary to do so. We strongly encourage you to never give anyone your account information. If you believe your account has been compromised please call the Fraud Hotline immediately.

Why are all sales final?

InvisiPay is intended to be used for in-person transactions. Unlike ecommerce transactions, when you buy in person, sellers often demand cash because you leave the transaction with the item/service they are selling. For example, if you pay with a bad check, the seller often has little recourse to recover the loss. To protect you when you sell, InvisiPay guarantees the seller's payment once we've sent the transaction confirmation. When you buy in person, you can examine and take possession of the item/service before you pay. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the item's condition or having it lost in the mail or not being shipped by the seller. InvisiPay does not prohibit the seller from guaranteeing an item or service; however, we are not a party to any such guarantee. We merely facilitate the payment.

Will I continue to receive rewards, points, miles, etc. from my debit or credit card if I use InvisiPay?


Can I pay a different amount than the one associated with the InvisiCode the seller gave me?

Yes, simply indicate the amount you want to pay in the optional items after you input the code. The seller's transaction confirmation will show the changed payment amount.

Can I change my payment funding source when I pay?

Yes, simply choose the alternative funding source (credit card, bank account, etc.) in the optional items after you input the InvisiCode.

What is the purpose of a "secondary funding source"?

It allows you to pay in the event your primary funding source is declined or has inadequate funds.

What if I want to transact with someone who doesn't have an InvisiPay account?

Simply provide an InvisiPay Referral Code to the person you want to transact with. When the person signs up using the code, you will be entitled to one free selling transaction. You can find your InvisiPay Referral Code in your account dashboard.

What if I forget my Username or Password?

Click sign in assistance and you will be guided.

What if I forget my PIN?

You may sign in and change it in your "Account Settings" security information.