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You look through the classifieds one evening and find a great deal on something you've wanted for a long time. You want to buy it immediately before someone beats you to it!

The seller will only accept cash. Your bank is closed and the price is more than your daily ATM limit. You call friends and ask them to go to their ATM and get cash.

You drive to each friend's house to pick up the cash then finally go to the seller's house. The item is just as you imagined, so you buy it. With all the calling and driving, it took more than 4 hours to buy your prized possession.

You ask yourself; is there an easier way? Could I have used my current online payment service?

You look for an answer on the classified ad service where you found the item. There are many warnings about scams involving counterfeit cashiers checks and advice to not use your current online payment service because it requires divulging your email address to a stranger - and this can compromise your account!

You wonder if it's possible to pay someone without using cash and still not give them one shred of information about yourself. The answer hits you! You realize it can benefit everyone in this age of rampant identity theft and fraud. The answer is InvisiPay.

This is a true story and why we're here today.